Chris Hinsperger


Eganville, Ontario
Favourite local hangout?

Oh geez, I have several—places where I hang out with people in a semiformal setting and talk about the opportunities and value of the beautiful place we live in —could be a park in Eganville, Frisco’s, the Wilno Tavern, or the Bonnechere Caves picnic area.

Blanket on Foy Beach or Paddle the Bonnechere?

Paddle on the Bonnechere.

What’s your favourite local business?

My new favourite business is the Whitewater Brewing Company, oh and Madawaska River Rentals.

Name one thing/person that brought you to this area.

Tom and Ruth Woodward—the orginal owners of the Bonnechere Caves.

Who do you follow online, if anyone?

The Ottawa Senators and the Weather Channel—to find out what kind of clothes I’m gonna wear today.

If you had to choose… garlic or maple syrup?


What do you hope your customers get of what you’re offering?

A greater understanding of the beauty of our planet.

Cellphones or landlines?

Landline— though I have a cellphone now I mostly use it to text.

Who’s your local hero?

Brian Levesque. He’s on the board of our Ottawa Valley Tourist Association and coached me in writing. His spirit about our area and how it should be promoted always impresses me.

A piece of wisdom to share with other businesses…

Show up to stuff. Just show up—and I mean especially networking events.

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