Deedee Sanderson

Deedee Sanderson, Madawaska River RentalsMADAWASKA RIVER RENTALS
Quadeville, Ontario
Favourite local hangout?

The beach, the river, swimming—nature.

Blanket on Foy Beach or Paddle the Bonnechere?

Paddle the Bonnechere (see first question).

What’s your favourite local business?

Grandma’s Pantry in Killaloe.

Name one thing/person that brought you to this area.

I moved away and returned—for the affordable land, lifestyle and to grow food and plant trees.

Who do you follow online, if anyone?

Truly, no one, but Shaw Woods might be one.

If you had to choose… garlic or maple syrup?


What do you hope your customers get of what you’re offering?

Great experiences and good memories, a safe trip, an escape from everything… and I hope they don’t get poison ivy.

Cellphones or landlines?

Landlines—my brain can’t take it otherwise. Cellphones are invasive, they buzz and people react. Landlines are reliable and you know what you’re paying monthly.

Who’s your local hero?

Deceased: Etienne Brulé—an under the radar explorer who, in 1610, moved from France to live among the Huron for twenty years. He took on the lifestyle of the locals and didn’t try to change them.

Living: Kirby Whiteduck, Chief at Algonquins of Pikwàkanagàn

A piece of wisdom to share with other businesses…

Don’t go too far into debt—spend money wisely. Choose partners wisely. Do what you love—that makes your business work—otherwise everyone will know! Make friends with locals—understand them and their needs. For example, I started pizza night on Fridays during the summer at Madawaska River Rentals and it served everyone—locals and visitors. Learn when you can take time for yourself, and do it!

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