Kylah Dobson and Zack Loeks

Kylah Dobson and Zach Loeks, Rainbow Heritage FarmRAINBOW HERITAGE GARDEN
Cobden, Ontario
Favourite local hangout?

Neat Café for both.

Zach: My root cellar (which just won a Premier’s award for Agri-Food Innovation Excellence).

Kylah: My yurt

Blanket on Foy Beach or Paddle the Bonnechere?

Kylah: Blanket on Foy Beach

Zach: Paddle on the Bonnechere.

Name one thing/person that brought you to this area.

Kylah: My family has been here since the 1800s— for over over 150 years. My great, great, great grandfather William Dobson started farming in 1857.

Zach: Kylah

Who do you follow online, if anyone?

Kylah: My friend Shannon at Prana Parenting and Soule Mama

Zach: Going to Seed and I follow Kylah’s newsletter (to find out what is going on at our farm).

If you had to choose… garlic or maple syrup?

Kylah: Oh sheesh—garlic.

Zach: Garlic. It’s better for you.

What do you hope your customers get from what you’re offering?

Kylah: A well nourished life and family—seasonally nourished.

Zach: A sense of well being and seasonal rhythm. There is an adventure to be had in how we eat and how we engage with our community. You can time travel through heritage food.

Cellphones or landlines?


Who’s your local hero?

Zach: Barney McCaffery. I like stories and he tells me stories still. (Kylah chimes in that she took piano lessons from Barney when she was four years old).

Kylah: Grant Dobson. My uncle for his knowledge and work ethic. He’s been heavily involved in Shaw Woods. He’s so passionate. He chooses his projects to dedicate himself to and does it really well.

A piece of wisdom to share with other businesses…

Zach: Channel what you are passionate for, build your knowledge and invest in yourself. Business sense has to be married to what drives you—to your passion. Hone in on exactly what you want to do.

Kylah:  Do what you love and love what you do and keep learning.

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