Megan Spencer

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Golden Lake, Ontario
Favourite local hangout?

My backyard—the back 40.

Blanket on Foy Beach or Paddle the Bonnechere?

Paddle the Bonnechere (see first question).

What’s your favourite local business?

The Watershed Gallery Cafe in Eganville

Name one thing/person that brought you to this area.

Steven Martin [her partner in crime at]

Who do you follow online, if anyone?

Lots of puppeteers, lots of homeschoolers, lots of herbalist and plant geeks.

If you had to choose… garlic or maple syrup?


What do you hope your customers get of what you’re offering?

Themselves. Something that lights a spark to reclaim their lives as their own.

Cellphones or landlines?


Who’s your local hero?

Diana McCauley of the Killaloe Herbal Project (

A piece of wisdom to share with other businesses…

Draw on each other’s wisdom. Pool your resources. Don’t assume you have to do everything on your own.

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