Sigrid Geddes

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Wilno, Ontario
Why do you do what you do?

Because it lets me control my time, because I feel like I’m making a good product and because environmentally and health wise [it’s good]. It’s hands on and I like the feeling of producing something.  It’s creative on many fronts. I make a living from it; it pays the bills.

What are the favourite parts of your business?

Harvesting plants, working with headphones on while making products (it’s a like a party)! I love when people contact me and let me know the creams or salves have helped their skin issues. I like that my business is hands-on, doing something good for the environment and people. I like sales.

Fav local hangout?

Katrina’s (the Stone Church, Killaloe)

Blanket on Foy Beach or Paddle the Bonnechere?

Paddle in the morning, beach and wine in the afternoon/evening.

What’s your favourite local business?

Combermere Farmers’ Market.

Name one thing/person that brought you to this area?

The nature and the community brought her back here.

Who do you follow online if anyone?

@thehomespin and Walk Off the Earth (band).

If you had to choose… Garlic or maple syrup?

Maple syrup on baked or fried garlic.

What do you hope your customers get of what you’re offering?

A healthy alternative to the chemical, petroleum-based skin care. I hope their skin ailments are healed and they enjoy the product.

Cellphones or landlines?


Who’s your local hero?

Erica Newman—cultured, German hermit. Diana Macauley—strong, smart and loving elder.

A piece of wisdom to share with other businesses…

Don’t give up. Ask for successful people’s advice. Do stuff for free for as long as you have to, to build up your reputation. Get free labour.

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