Social Media Clinics

socialmediaebookHomespin offers hands-on marketing support for businesses. Social media websites such as Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram are great ways for customers to find out about local products and services. Homespin’s social media coordinator, Natalie Robinson, will sit down with business owners to choose which sites to use and to customize their online marketing strategies.

Our local businesses could use a boost right now and the following are some examples of how social media can help. A home furnishings store or clothing store can regularly post pictures of what’s new. Then, even if people aren’t out shopping, they’re seeing the great new stuff that’s available locally. Restaurants can post pictures of their daily specials, which may lure in people who would have otherwise stayed home! Social media can also help people sell services, rather than goods, and sell globally, rather than locally; there’s a social media strategy that will work for any business.

Perfect for business owners, artisans or anyone who is self-employed, organize one of these small-group sessions in your neck of the woods. Participants will set up, or improve, their social media presence. Most importantly, participants will leave the clinic with a plan for how they’ll use social media on an ongoing basis to attract more customers.

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